About Us

Our History

My passion for natural health began 19 years ago when we were having trouble conceiving. IVF was the only way for us to conceive we were informed by doctors. After about 7-9 failed sessions of IVF over many years i said no more to IVF and was really giving my last chances of conceiving to a natural fertility specialist. I began seeing her in December 2005 and was pregnant in March 2006. We are now blessed to have one happy healthy girl. This is when my passion for Natural Health really began and if I could turn back time, I would begin with the Natural Fertility Specialist first. Where possible i like to be treated by natural health first as my belief is they treat the whole body not just a particular problem.

In 2015 i stumbled (fate i called it) across a collagen booth using red light therapy in Australia it was a stand up collagen booth which i used a few times and had fantastic skin results.

When i got talking to this lovely lady her passion begun for red light therapy when she was faced with some major health issues. Her issues are now cured and her belief and passion for red light therapy was passed on to me. Seeing is believing right! They now have many customers whom they treat for anti ageing , skin conditions and health conditions. Her and my passion is making people aware of red light therapy and being able to share this with Brisbane and in the future, Australia.

In an ageing population we know that many people are turning towards cosmetic injectables when ours is a much more natural approach with fabulous full body anti ageing, skin rejuvenation and health benefits results.

The Clinic Today

The Anti Ageing & Wellness Clinic is a family owned business located in Lota, Brisbane. We know how important healthy skin is in your life so we’re here to help you reclaim your youthful looking skin with our state of the art Anti Ageing Rejuvenation Bed. This full body bed utilises red light technology, created by NASA, covering you from head to toe in collagen producing light which enables your skin to restore itself and regenerate. The short, 20 minute sessions are the perfect way to revitalise the body, mind and soul.

Our Location

We are located at 36 Villiers Street, LOTA QLD 4179 (by appointment only)

If you’d like to make a booking, if you have questions, compliments or complaints, we’d love to hear from you.

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