Anti Ageing Rejuvenation Bed

What is the Anti Ageing Rejuvenation Bed?

Skin improvement has been placed in a new light. The secret lies in the skin-rejuvenating effect of the specially tailored light spectrum. The Anti Ageing Rejuvenation Bed utilises pure red light technology that penetrates deeply into the skin. The regenerative mechanisms in the skin are given a boost, stimulating the production of collagen and elastin. The proteins are replenished and the skin’s fibre structure is renewed. Every Anti Ageing Rejuvenation Bed treatment enables the skin to restore itself and continuously regenerate.

Pure relaxation

The Anti Ageing Rejuvenation Bed is much more than just a skin improvement concept. It is a deliberate lifestyle choice and one that perfectly matches the ambition to achieve wellness and well-being. This mild, natural, skin improvement concept gives you a complete sense of well-being, resulting in healthy-looking skin that becomes and remains radiant. The best elements and the unique details distinguish the products from conventional systems, providing the perfect result: an individual treatment for every type of skin, in combination with pure relaxation.

How does it work?

The Anti Ageing Rejuvenation Bed enables your skin to rejuvenate itself continuously in a natural manner. The specially tailored light spectrum stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, which leads to visible improvement of the skin. Discover the Anti Ageing Rejuvenation Bed and experience the sensation of a healthy, attractive appearance. Only you know the secret…

legende_hautgrafik_hautStructure of the skin

Our skin consists of several layers. The protective outer layer is called the Epidermis or scarf skin. Beneath this is a deeper lying layer called the Dermis or true skin. It is this layer that gives the skin its strength; it consists of a dense structure of connective tissue containing collagen and elastin fibres that keep the skin firm and supple. As we grow older, the production of new cells diminishes, reducing the number of collagen and elastin fibres. As a consequence the skin gradually loses its elasticity, resulting in lines and wrinkles.

The Light

waarneembare-lichtgolven_ENGApproximately 45% of sunlight is visible light we can see with our eyes. In addition to visible light, sunlight also includes components we are hardly able to detect: ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) light. Various scientific investigations have proved that visible light produces a number of responses in the skin. Infrared light, for example, is known to penetrate the skin deeply where, among other things, it improves the blood circulation. Collagen light falls within the colour spectrum of light and is yellow, orange and/or red. The colour spectrum is the bandwidth of light visible to the naked eye. It spans the range of wavelengths from approximately 380 to 760 nm. Collagen light occupies a range of frequencies just below that of infrared light, running from around 600 to 760 nm.

Effect of visible light on the production of collagen

Scientists have observed that exposure of the skin to yellow, orange and/or red light leads to higher production of collagen. This works as follows: In addition to collagen and elastin, the skin also contains fibroblasts. These are special cells that synthesize collagen. Light penetrates the skin to a depth of 10 mm, causing the fibroblasts to grow and divide. Production of collagen and elastin are stimulated in this manner, improving the elasticity of the skin.

What To Expect

The Anti Ageing Rejuvenation Bed has it all. Red collagen light from head to toe and focussed skin vitalisation in treatment-intensive body areas, such as the face, neck and hands with accent light.

The quiet-running intelligent ventilation also ensures a relaxed experience, such as the option to connect your own MP3 player via the integrated SoundBox for the perfect sound experience.

before and after 1The Anti Ageing Rejuvenation Bed has a vitalising and stimulating effect. The skin rejuvenation process is one of the body’s own functions. Step by step, gently and safely, the skin regenerates by itself. This is a natural process that the skin can be entrusted to perform and leads to lasting, significant skin improvement. After 10 to 12 weeks of using Seecret®, the vitalisation effect is perfect. Small lines have almost disappeared and wrinkles are visibly reduced. After this, you only need to use the Seecret® anti-ageing product every two weeks to keep on feeling good in your own skin with little effort.

The Anti Ageing Rejuvenation Bed activates the skin’s own collagen production

– Small lines disappear; wrinkles on the overall body are reduced.
– The skin becomes soft and smooth again. It feels totally changed and gives a feeling of physical well-being.
– Special vitamin D light results in tangible vitality and an overall feeling of well-being.
– Accent light is focused on the sensitive areas, such as the face, neckline, neck and hands.

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Inside the Anti Ageing Rejuvenation Bed

collagen_light-150x150Collagen Light: The specially developed collagen light activates the body’s own collagen production. Your skin will once again produce more collagen and elastin, the two proteins required for a young looking, elastic skin complexion, with fewer wrinkles. Gentle and long-term light therapy treatment with the Seecret® collagen light will not only rejuvenate your skin, but also slow the skin ageing process in a long-lasting manner.

Accent Light: The additional accent collagen lights, which visibly amplify the anti-ageing effect in the head area and on the hands, are unique. The sensitive face and neck areas are noticeably more toned, small lines disappear, deeper contours and wrinkles on the entire body are reduced in a targeted manner. The focus lights are intelligently controlled by means of the male/female selection button.

male_female-150x150Male/Female Selection Button: The anti-aging treatment is set for the different skin types of men and women with this unique selection button. This makes perfect sense as the skin types of men and women have differing requirements. For example, as a result of the individual light intensity, gender-specific body parts such as the neckline area for women or the beard area for men receive lasting treatment to suit the skin.

Plug In Your Own Music: Listening to great music during your skin rejuvenation session is a luxury, which many people have now comemymp3 to expect. Everyone has different tastes, so with your Seecret® C300 you can simply plug in your own music.

How long will it take to see results?

Results vary depending on your skin type, and depending on your age, however the following is a guideline for the frequency of exposure and corresponding expected results:

Age Frequency Best Results At Maintenance
25 – 35 2-3 times per week 3-6 weeks 1 per 10 days-2 weeks
35 – 45 2-3 times per week 4-8 weeks 1 per 1-2 weeks
45 – 55 2-3 times per week 6-10 weeks 1 per week
55 + 2-3 times per week 8 weeks + 1-2 times per week

Cosmetic and Therapeutic Benefits of the the Anti Ageing Rejuvenation Bed

“Redlight Therapy is The Most Affordable, Safest, Non-invasive and Therapeutic,  Anti-Ageing Skin Rejuvenation Treatment Available in the World Today with over 4000 Scientifically Proven Studies”

  • SEECRET’s red light therapy treatment is the most successful, non-invasive, anti-ageing treatment in the world today.
  • Safe and effective for men, women and children of all ages and skin types.  An individual treatment for every type of skin.
  • Affordable with PROVEN RESULTS.
  • Regeneration/Stimulation of New Collagen & Elastin Production –  Resulting in firmer, more healthy looking skin that becomes and remains radiant.
  • Convenient 20 minute Cosmetic & Full Body Relaxing and Therapeutic Treatments.
  • Sun damage reversal and pore size reduction.
  • Reduces age spots and fades freckles and scars.
  • Reduction of wrinkles and fine lines,especially the eye zones, neckline, and around the mouth and lips.
  • Eliminate red spider veins and broken capillaries.
  • Visibly reduce stretch marks.
  • A natural alternative to cosmetic injectables (BOTOX) – Prolong the effects of anti-wrinkle injections and other dermal fillers.
  • Reduce Rosecea, pigmentation, redness and blemishes.
  • Cellulite Reduction
  • Stimulates ATP Production – Increased Energy and Enhanced performance. (Linked to Cancer PREVENTION)
  • Accelerated Wound Healing.
  • Anti-inflammatory – Increased healing of acne and a reduction of acne scarring.
  • Smooth your face, hips, thighs, buttocks and upper body.
  • Enhances the absorption of cosmetics into the skin making them more effective.
  • Great for people who cant use or who are sensitive/allergic to skincare creams and lotions.
  • STOPS HAIR THINNING/ hair becomes thicker due to stimulated blood circulation, oxygen and nutrient supply to the hair folicle.
  • Increase the Hydration Levels of Your Skin By Up To 200%,  providing longer lasting hydration.
  • Increased healing of surgical and post operative scars such as tummy tucks and breast lifts.
  • No Pain, No Downtime, No Side Effects, No AfterCare, No Damage to the skin.
  • Increased blood flow and oxygen supply firming the muscles from within.
  • Positive effects on hair, nails, bones and tendons.
  • Improves the conditions of eczema, psoriasis, burns and any skin lesions.
  • SEECRET is STRONGLY recommended to be used in conjunction with every skin care treatment to enhance results. The incorporation of SEECRET’s treatments will minimise the side effects or downtime that usually accompany more invasive treatments such as chemical peels, microdermabrasions , IPL,  botox.


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