Before & After

Check out the Before & After results for yourself. Our photos are genuine, unedited before and after results.

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Linda: I’ve had the RX6 and Collagen bed package, together with the skin care products and derma roller. Amazing results, felt fantastic, especially after a work out at the gym….. No aches and pains or sore muscles. Skin glowed and less hair fall.

Kylie: Terrific Technology… Amazing Results.. Great value .. Great skin and Good Health…

David: The Collagen Bed is amazing for aches, pains, skin rejuvenation, scars, accelerated healing on surgery that you may have had and all over good health.

Ella (43): My skin now feels smoother and my complexion has taken on a more even tone. The sessions are wonderfully relaxing and the time flies by.

Rita (72): Before I began with the treatment my skin was rough and I often had red spots. That is much better now. My skin is softer and I have far fewer spots.

Wally (38): The first lines began appearing on my face when I was 30, particularly on my forehead and around my eyes. My lines are diminishing and my skin is more radiant.

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