Frequently Asked Questions

What is red light therapy?
What causes my skin to age?
What can I expect from the use of red light therapy?
Where did Red Light technology come from?
How often should I take a red light therapy session?
When will I see results?
How long will the results last?
Is red light therapy safe?
Is red light therapy treatment suitable for everyone?
Do I have to prepare my skin before taking a red light session in a Collagenic device?
Can I wear my clothes in the Red Light Therapy bed or should I be nude?
Is it okay to wear contacts while in the Red Light bed?
Is Red Light Therapy similar to tanning?
What causes skin aging?
What exactly does The Anti Ageing Rejuvenation Bed do?
Is the concept backed by scientific evidence?
What is collagen?
What is elastin?
What are fibroblasts?
What results can I expect?
How can I obtain the best results?
How long does an entire course of treatment last?
How long does a session take?
How can I maintain the results?
Do I need to protect my eyes?
Does the use of cosmetics intensify the effect?
Is the bed truly safe?

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