Skin Care Regime

Step 1 - 3 step Skin Care Regime

Step 1

Remove makeup: we sell a microfibre/bamboo cloth that you simply run under cold water that removes your make up

Step 2 - 3 step Skin Care Regime

Step 2

100% Pure Hyaluronic Acid Serum 50 ml

How to Use: Apply generously morning and night, to clean skin, face and neck, hands, stomach, legs and areas that need hydration.

Step 3 - 3 step Skin Care Regime

Step 3

Extreme Peptide & Anti-Oxidant Concentrate

How to Use: Apply a small amount every night, to a clean dry face. Massage gently but thoroughly around the lips, under the eyes, and other focus areas until completely absorbed.

This simple, inexpensive, very effective skin care regime is simply all that is required.

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