Your appointment

Things to know before your Float Room appointment

The things you need to know are:

  • If you have any health condition(s) please check with your health care provider for advice of any contraindications to floating.
  • If you shave within a few hours before using the tank, the shaved skin will sting for a few minutes. If you can postpone your shaving, you will be more comfortable.
  • If you have cuts or scratches they will also sting for several minutes. If you have any open cuts use resin spray or vaseline to seal them.
  • If you wear contact lenses, it would be a problem if any salt water got into your eyes. If you remove your contacts you don’t have to be concerned about it.
  • If you have caffeine before you float, it may interfere with your ability to relax.
  • Drugs or alcohol before floating not advised – we reserve the right to refuse service
  • No new hair colours permitted
  • It is not recommended that you wear jewelry when you float.

You’re at your appointment – Get ready to float!

You will have a guide to talk you through what to do and show you all facilities. The following information is provided to give you an idea of the floating procedure.

  • Go to the toilet even if you don’t feel an urgent need – we wouldn’t want you to waste precious floating time getting out to go and answer nature’s call – it would be very disruptive to your process of relaxation.
  • Shower well and rinse thoroughly and dry your face and hair before you walk to and get in the tank. Take your hand towel with you inside the tank.
  • Your ears will be under water. There are earplugs available if you would like them, and we recommend them if you have ever had ear problems.

In the tank

  • Enter the tank. The light will be on and your choice of music playing. Familiarise yourself with the light switch and volume control switch.
  • As the tank is a humid environment we recommended you use the cloth provided to wipe over the roof above your head briefly to avoid drips of water falling onto you from condensation.
  • If you chose to close the door use both hands on the handles to slide the door shut firmly.
  • Lie down, settle in, turn off the light if you wish, lie down and relax – it’s that easy.

· Keep the Salt Out of Your Eyes! If you get any salt water in your eyes you will be uncomfortable for a few minutes. To avoid getting drips of salt water in your eyes, push your hair back on your forehead when you change from lying down to sitting up and wipe your face with the hand towel. Keep your movements slow and deliberate. Also keep your salty hands away from your eyes.

· Buoyant Body Positions – You can experiment with the best body position for you. For example, hands behind head, on your chest, along your sides. If you have tension in your neck you can relieve it by clasping your hands behind your head or using a float pillow.

  • When your session time is up gentle music will be played as a signal that it is time to get out of the tank.
  • Turn on the light when you are ready, sit up with your head tilted back to avoid salt water running into your eyes, squeeze excess water from your hair, then use the hand towel to pat your face & hair dry. Then open the tank door. Take your time to adjust to the light and stand up. Wipe the solution from your body before getting out of the tank.

Getting out of the tank

  • House keeping Care – Your body has salt water all over it, which is very slippery, so you don’t want to drip everywhere. Before you walk to the shower, towel dry yourself on the mat provided. Shower, rinsing your ears if they have salt water in them and/or put 2-3 ear drops in your ears, dry yourself with a fresh towel (as the first one will be covered in salt) and dress. Please place earplugs in the bin provided.

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